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Katrina has been running her business for over 5 years and enjoys working with clients in her private practice. She is active in speaking engagements, conference speaking, trainings, workshops and helping other businesses start and grow through business consulting.  She conducts them locally as well as in various cities. 

Her area of expertise is on marriages and relationships. She speaks on healthy communication, conflict resolution and enhancing relationships. She believes healthier and happier marriages create healthy and happier families and communities. 

If you are interested in having Katrina speak at your event, training, or workshop, please contact her at mrskatrinalandry@gmail.com or complete the form below.

Speaking Engagements



Previous speaking engagements:

Voices of the BBFG

Discussed mental health in the African American community, resources to cope with issues effecting the African American community and aiding in normalizing mental health in the minority community.  This event was conducted via Zoom.

Gathering of Daughters:

Speaker on marriages and relationships. Provided tools to aid in adjusting how couples handle their differences. This event was for women and was held in Jacksonville, FL

EES Ministries:

A panelist discussing ways to move past pain. This event is held in Houston, TX.

Life after Life:

A panelist discussing mental health and self care. This event was in Houston, TX

Lets talk live XL radio show:

A guest on the show discussing mental health awareness. 

Holistic Emotional Wellness Summit

Presented on marriages and relationships and provided tools regarding healthy ways to communicate. This event was conducted via a webinar.

Previous Corporation Training/Teambuilding 


Presentation on self-care and work life balance

 Work Place Counseling Services 

We provide counseling services for organizations. If you would like us to come to your organization and work with your staff feel free to contact us. We can provide counseling in the following areas:

  1. Anger Management

  2. Team Building

  3. Work Life Balance

  4. Grief

  5. Improve Workplace Communication

  6. Diversity Awareness


While Katrina enjoys working with clients she also enjoys working with other entrepreneurs. Her undergrad in business management and combined with her counseling degree they allow her to see the world through two lenses. Here are some possible services that she can provide:

  • Transition from LPC-Associate to private practice owner

  • Initial new business set up

  • Ways to market your company

  • Business goal setting


“Katrina gives awesome insight on relationships and marriage that anyone can benefit from... even singles! Her counsel comes from a genuine desire to see couples succeed!” – Iliana Garcia

“Martial Inheritance” by Katrina Landry was Informative, Knowledgeable, and right on Time! When you think because you’ve been married forever you know it ALL, think again! Katrina, who is also a licensed counselor, brought a fresh perspective of new ideas to make marriage simply beautiful by being proactive rather than reactive through her session on love, emotional intelligence, and intimacy. I’m grateful to have received this teaching to continue to make my marriage last forever!” – Monique J. Rogers

“Katrina will ask you questions that you’ve never heard before in a way that will cause the light bulb to come on repeatedly. She is professional, yet relatable in the delivery of her content.” – C. Jai Graham

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