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The Elephant in the Room Real Stories from Heroic Women

The Elephant in the Room Real Stories from Heroic Women

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The compelling stories of 15 successful and heroic women who disclose their heart-wrenching experiences are intended to tear down barriers of guilt, shame, or fear by sharing details ofhow they overcame a myriad of obstacles. The Elephant in the Room will not only help women who are facing similar situations but will motivate anyone who is struggling with a personal challenge. These stories will inspire readers with triumphant messages of encouragement throughout the pages of this book

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    Guess who co-authored a book!!!? Katrina shares her, along with other author’s, experiences with the hope that the book helps others. This books is a collaboration of life experiences and how we have overcame some of life difficulties. Katrina is excited to share her experience being bi-racial and how this has impacted her as well as the relationships she has. So let’s talk about the hard topics that many don’t want to and let’s help each other move towards healing. 


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