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Counseling Services

Individual Sessions

We work with individuals regarding a variety of issues. If you are looking to have a place to process family history, grief from a loss, work through major life changes, or are even looking to explore career changes, we are here to journey with you. Individual therapy focuses on the self and what areas we can make adjustments to have a healthier fulfilling life. 

Fees for individual therapy:

Starting at $105 per session with LPC's 

Starting $70 per session with LPC-Associate

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Couple/Family Sessions

Do you feel like your stuck in a loop of the same fights? Or maybe you're feeling unheard. Together we work with couples to increase intimacy, work through conflicts, and provide the necessary tools to communicate in a healthy and effective fashion. Often, couples fear the ‘need’ to go to counseling, and as a result, they often wait until the relationship is in a crisis. We will work through areas that may have caused you to be where you are and provide an environment where you may be challenged to make some tough adjustments. 

During our premarital counseling, we provide tools to create a dialogue to better understanding your soon to be spouse. We explore the past as well as current behaviors and thought patterns to better assist each other with managing differences and the new life you will be creating together. 

Family dynamics impact all of us. Together we work with families exploring unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors. We also work on conflict resolutions and creating an environment where each can be heard. We as clinicians do not take sides, we present unbiased information and facilitate in communicating with one another while guiding each family member to work on what they themselves can manage. ​

Fees for couples or family therapy:

Starting at $115 per session with LPC's 

Starting at $80 per session with LPC-Associate

Pre-Marital Counseling typically at least 10 weeks

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Online counselling, couples therapy, marriage counseling

Telehealth is provided through our electronic health records (EHR) system and is HIPAA compliant. Online therapy works well for those who may be shy about coming into therapy or you are able to see your clinician from anywhere in Texas or Florida. While we understand that telehealth is not for everyone, we want to assure you that it is effective. You must be in the state of Texas or Florida in order to receive telehealth services.

If Technological difficulties arise we will switch to telephone sessions as a backup.


Tips for a better online experience:

  • Be sure to close out any other programs

  • Limit the number of users that are on your internet

  • If using your cell phone, be sure to use stable wifi or use the phone data plan

  • If using your cell phone, be sure to put it in do not disturb mode

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