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Anxiety...not all bad

The Pros and Cons of Anxiety.

#Anxiety can cause you to halt as well as thrive in life. I have experienced both on multiple occasions and there’s a chance you have to. Growing up I struggled with anxiety including being in large #crowds, not having an exit plan, and constant #panic #attacks. It was debilitating to a point I could not even enjoy family functions. When anxiety is causing strain in your life this is considered unhealthy anxiety. Coping skills that can help ease unhealthy anxiety include breathing exercises, mindfulness, getting the recommended amount of sleep, eating healthy foods, and decreasing stress among many others.

#Healthy anxiety allows us to push towards goals, shows we care, and brings awareness. Think back to when you had something important you had to do. Have it be a test, interview, or game. Did you feel nervous, scared, or worried you would fail? This shows that we care about the task at hand and the results. This gives us the motivation to push forward and challenge ourselves to grow as a person. Next time you're feeling anxious ask yourself is this healthy or unhealthy anxiety?

Gabrielle Galvan, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Aimee Campbell, LPC-S

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