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Living Content

From the Desk of a Christian Counselor: Living Content

1st Timothy 6:6

For godliness with contentment is great gain.

It took me a long time to grasp the concept of “being #content”. I used to feel that I couldn’t be content until I had all the things I #wanted, and I was where I wanted to be in life. However, God taught me what it meant to be content. Being content is not a matter of people, places, or things.

Being content is an internal feature and the verb form of gratitude and faith. To be content means that your well-being, joy, and happiness is rooted in something greater than what’s around you. With His help, and after years of #disappointment, I began to seek my contentment in Christ.

I found my contentment in His #love for me. I found my contentment in His care of me. The things that we have or don’t have literally have no power to do anything for us outside of possibly serving their temporal purpose. So, they don’t have the power to make us content. Our contentment must come from Christ the solid rock we stand.

So that’s where I learned to find my contentment, in Christ alone. Once I learned to be content in Christ, the things that once bothered me, stopped having the power to cause me any stress or distress. Things I once worried about, stopped being able to worry me. And the things I felt like I wanted were put securely into the faithful hands of my most loving Savior knowing that in time, He would add unto me according to His most perfect will.

So dearly beloved, I submit to you to find divine contentment in our precious Savior. It is in Him that you will find joy, peace, wholeness, and the happiness you so desire. And once you find your fulfillment and contentment in Him, then, you will have the internal fortitude to receive His perfect will for your life in experiencing the contentment that comes from peaceful surrender (Now think about that)!

Serving His Purpose,

Dr. D’Juana Pittman, Ed.D., NCC, LPC – Associate, LCDC, CLC

Supervised by Katrina Landry, MA, LPC-S

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