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Busy Bee

Since the world has opened back up, we have found distractions to keep us busy. But what if we are so busy that we can’t keep up with everything? With the world's prices only increasing, we have to keep up with the demands of society. Although being #productive can be a good thing, being too #busy can cause harm physically, mentally, and socially. It can also cause increased #stress, #anxiety, and #depression if self-care is not involved. Here are five tips to help the busiest of people live a well-balanced life.

Managing your schedule can sometimes be the hardest part of your day, especially if you have a lot on your plate. One way to manage your time is to make sure you properly #schedule your time. Creating a schedule through phone calendars, organizer apps, alarms, and desk calendars is the best way to balance your day and workload. If you are working and finding yourself #overwhelmed by deadlines, prioritize what needs to be done so you can be done with the deadline on time. Finally, you can track your time to see what you spend the most time on and how you can better utilize that time.


#Self-care is the hardest thing for Americans as we are taught to maximize our time by being productive. Self-care can look differently to everyone; whether it's riding a bike, reading a book, or eating at your favorite restaurant, it demonstrates that it is acceptable to be compassionate and take care of oneself. Other forms of self-care include:

· Managing your sleeping

· Exercising

· Listening to your favorite music

· Journal

· Treat yourself to relaxing spa day

· Color

· Take a nap

· Eating healthy

· Manage a garden

· Pray

· And more…

Set Boundaries

Setting #boundaries for yourself helps create healthy #relationships between you and others who are around you. Apart from setting boundaries, being assertive in verbal and non-verbal communication is important. An example would be letting your boss know that you can’t take on anymore projects or canceling plans because you have a school project to do. It's critical to become comfortable with the word "no" and to understand your personal boundaries prior to entering into situations. Take some time to #process what you’re willing to accept and what are non-negotiables. If setting boundaries is something that you struggle with, seek help by speaking to a licensed therapist.

Danyel Gipson LPC-Associate

Supervised by Katrina Landry, LPC-S

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