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Relationship components

#Relationships are built or comprised of the intrinsic #values and #needs of individuals, who’s core components transfer relatedness. There are several types of relationships, but the dynamics of any relationship will permeate connection and/or relational view of perspective. In reflecting in my own relationship, the qualities of a relationship that involve and satisfy the need for relatedness are reciprocal characteristics of similarity, like-mindedness, empathy, attentiveness, and emotionally responsiveness. We are social beings, and it is a human need or characteristic to have a social support system in our lives. The need for relatedness is satisfied by building loving, trustworthy, and caring relationships. Relationships should be built on mutual openness, good intentions, genuine positivity, and respect. Additionally, the mechanism of responsiveness in a relationship includes giving an individual your full attention, understanding, and support (Reeve, 2018). It is certainly not as easy to find all these qualities, but when we do, we should hold on to them, and we should be ready to reciprocate what we are provided because every relationship takes two people to be #successful and to be maintained over time. The qualities of a relationship that neglect and frustrate the need for relatedness is #miscommunication and #argumentative responses that exhume personal judgement. Other characteristics that impact relationship relatedness negatively is inconsideration of another person’s feelings, jealousy, envy, doubt, and closed communications. Relationships should purport communicative responses that relay support, caring, and understanding.

Some ways to aid in communication:

  1. Take a time out before sharing how you feel or are impacted

  2. Communicate using I statements

  3. Be mindful when tough conversations are had (tired, hungry, or busy can make communicating difficult)

  4. Show empathy and genuine concern for your partners needs

Marquese Walker, MA, LPC

Reeve, J. (2018).Understanding motivation and emotion. (7th ed). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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